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this morning, police raided Greater St. Mark school/church in Ferguson, MO (formerly called St. Sebastian’s Parish).

community members had been using it as a safe space and staging area. police claim that the church is violating housing codes by sheltering protesters, even though the pastor has said it isn’t true.

please please please boost this. help these organizers recover the supplies they lost, and share just how fucking far these cops will sink to make the people of Ferguson suffer.




I was so scared to take these photos with this phenomenal photographer. I wore no make up, no fancy lingerie (I made the panties myself) I was completely bare & honest both physically & mentally. These photos are a tool with which I can see beauty in myself & realize that no opinions of me matter. What matters is that I choose to be in love with myself & marvel at the beauty I find in me. Thank you Andrew ;)

Omg I thought this was a real ad or something, absolutely stunning

these are gorgeous photos and she’s gorgeous!

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and this is why I’m a bigger Dreamworks fan; try again Disney

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  • Person: Avocados are gross
  • Me: (flips table over) TAKE THAT SHIT BACK RIGHT NOW

Want to hear a joke?











Meat eaters who are offended by images of animal abuse.

so if we accept meat as a source of nutrients, we are automatically the monsters who support animal abuse?




Do carnists…

I’m sure your little 15 year old ass has tons on experience with this stuff, huh? Sadly, in today’s society, it’s real damn impractical to live without technology. The internet doesn’t revolve around social media. It makes way more sense to swap out animal products for plants, better for the animals, our health, and the planet.

Why don’t you kinda browse around my blog it other vegan blogs with an open mind, hmm? :) might learn something.

Your right I’m not that old.
But it’s possible to live without technology, ever heard of the Amish?

That’s all I’m saying, if you care so much for the animals, then why support all these things that still kill and harm animals?

Amish people don’t live completely without technology, actually. They are just selective on which technology they use.

And I’m doing what I can given my circumstances to cause as little harm to animals and the environment as possible. To survive in this society, you need money. To get money, I have a job, as does my husband. I need internet, a cell phone, and a car for my job so I can buy food and provide for my family. I volunteer at homeless companion animal shelters, my job involves rehabilitating abandoned companion dogs, and I buy cruelty-free in every way possible. I’M making a difference. How about instead of trying to make excuses or say “if you can’t do it all, why do anything?”, why don’t you make a difference to the animals and the freaking environment and cut the violence or of your food?

There are tribes and groups of people who live “traditionally” without technology and live in places where there might not be technology in the first place.
It’s not impossible. You could live in a world without it. Why am I the one making excuses? Your the one not accepting the fact that there could be more done and arguing on tumblr isn’t helping. Also you don’t really need a car either, they sell bikes that carry multiple people and even bikes with wagons.
Why not start a protest and actually go do something about your problems?
I love steak and ain’t going to change.
Sorry you don’t agree with me.
And cool, you volunteer, I do to. Didn’t know you had to live a certain way for it to count though.
And your right you don’t have to explain yourself, no one is forcing you. No one is forcing me either.

Lol, and THAT’S what it comes down to, of course. “I love steak”. Like I said, I’m helping all I can to not cause harm to the environment or animals. YOU aren’t by killing them for food.

It’s POSSIBLE to live without technology, just not practicable… Which I said already. It’s pointless to try and get you to see where I’m coming from when that’s your line of thinking, and you are only looking to discredit the vegan movement… How sad, when your taste buds trump the lives of others.

How sad when our entertainment trumps the lives of others.

LOL! wow, kid. Okay, officially done with this. Omfg.